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Services that are designated to be provided with announcement supports the mission of Riverview-Kansas CDC in that the population this area has been underserved in this community for too long.  Riverview-Kansas CDC is concerned with the physical, spiritual, and psychological needs of people living within this community.   Riverview Kansas Community Development Corporation will provide a variety of affordable housing, build neighborhood association, and provide HIV, drugs, alcohol and gang awareness and planning for future economy development.

The following is a list of prevention intervention services that will be offered to the target population.

  • New Construction/Renovation Housing for low-to-moderate residents
  • Community Walk and Neighborhood Clean-Up
  • Community Awareness Week
  • Homebuyer counseling and credit counseling
  • Referrals for community agencies
  • Minor home repairs for senior citizens


The Riverview-Kansas community in this city is a collection of many sub-communities, which include a variety of new and old mixed-use residential buildings, a huge amount of conventional public housing, and small retail and manufacturing firms. The population is made up of 90% African-Americans with the majority earning an average of $16,100 a year. The unemployment rate is among the highest in Shelby County and can be linked to a lack of employable skills. Most of the citizens in the community who are employed work in low wage jobs such as machine operators, service work, clerical support, general labor and sales. The majority of the land is city-owned and controlled buildings are scattered and difficult to acquire.

The need of affordable housing is more dramatic than the census data reveals, with 10% under count verified by the City’s Department of Housing and the Census Bureau. This under reporting can be largely attributed to the number of public housing residents, illegal aliens and the language barrier. This makes official census reporting extraordinary difficult. New ways are being created to develop and manage affordable housing in this community. The future of affordable housing in this community will be answered through public and nonprofit community development corporations with partnerships, with support from the community. With over 60% of the residents being senior citizens, we have formed programs that cater to their needs. Home repairs a needed among the senior citizens in this community. Most of these particular citizens have resided in this community for over 20 years and the homes are literally falling apart.

The South Memphis area of the City of Memphis is plagued with the pitfalls of poverty and economic depression. It is considered as a Health Professional Shortage Area. It has the highest rate of illegitimate births in the city, the highest percentage of the population below the poverty level, the highest unemployment rate, and the lowest median household income. It is plagued with gang activity, crime and substance abuse, and it has the highest percentage of African-American population in the city of Memphis. With the negative recognition this area possesses; RKCDC wants to bring a project to the community that will create a positive feedback that will get this community recognized for credible progress instead of lack of progress.

Riverview-Kansas CDC has an opportunity to bring together public and private sectors to produce efficient, affordable, beautiful homes along with minor home repairs for the citizens who cannot afford to purchase new homes. In addition, RKCDC has a solid 20 plus years in the area of housing, accounting, community services, and legal services that the staff and board members are comprised of.


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