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Riverview Kansas CDC was started in 1997. The organization quickly became active in neighborhood association activities. Late 1998 into 1999, the organization decided to expand its role and become an active community development corporation. In exercising that decision, RKCDC sought assistance from the Memphis Community Development Partnership (MCDP) who responded with a grant for technical assistance.

In October 2001, Riverview-Kansas became a designated Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) through the City of Memphis. In our effort, to continue to make an impact on this community; we have continued to pursue additional funding through partnership with the City of Memphis-HCD, Human Services Department, Seedco and Memphis Community Partnership Development. RKCDC has been awarded over $ 700,000 in the last 3 years through grants and loans to provide affordable housing, minor home repairs for senior citizens, for neighborhood signs in the community and clean initiatives for improvement of the street escape in the community.


IM000062.JPGRiverview-Kansas Community Development Corporation’s (RKCDC) mission is to improve the quality of life for neighbors, to provide decent and affordable housing, to create an economically viable community in which neighbors can become better educated, feel safe, and to become involved in re-establishing a sense of neighborhood pride.

The Corporation’s long-term goals are to:

(1) To develop a housing project that responds to the community’s rental housing needs, improves the stock of rental housing, and help to reduce the blighting effects of dilapidated buildings,

(2) To develop housing projects that respond to home ownership needs, while making use of vacant lots and/or houses and

(3) To provide better resources for education in the neighborhood and surrounding areas through community awareness and community service programs

(4) To provide a safe and clean neighborhood for the citizen in this community

(5) To provide guidance in economic development and community revitalization.

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